Cool Car Accessories: Add Style And Class To Your Vehicle

cool car accessories

Today almost everybody owns a car, in fact in a lot of places you’d be hard pressed to get by without one.  The number of cars getting sold increases day by day and in the vast sea of automobiles how does one set themselves apart from the crowd?

The Answer to this question is by simply adding cool car accessories that add a unique character to your vehicle while adding some finesse.  The two basic styles of car accessories that need to be kept in mind are exterior and interior styling. A balance of the two gives you the best results. Making your car cooler, yet more functional at the same time.

Let us first have a look at some of the popular external accessories:


The stock wheels that come with your car are decent. But there are a ton of aftermarket rims that make your wheels look more bling or stealthy based on your preference. This would be a nice place to step into the world of automotive customization.


Lights can make a whole load of difference to visibility as well as the styling of the car. The latest trend in headlights ranges from projector beams to Led lamps. There are various colors to headlights as well. To improve the styling one of the best upgrades is to change a full headlight assembly that can be custom built to look completely different from the stock headlight. This sort of customization can include Tail lights, Interior lights, Under hood and Under body lights as well.

Vinyl Wrap:

This a new trend that seems to be getting a lot of attention these days. A vinyl wrap can completely transform the look of your car. They come in almost all color choices and can change even a regular commuter into a sporty or a luxurious looking vehicle. Vinyl can be found in a lot of different finishes ranging from matte to mirror and gloss to carbon fiber.  Here is a video showing you how to apply it and what it looks like.

Some of the popular interior accessories include:

Seat Covers:

Usually in a car the seat covers are mediocre unless you are purchasing a luxury vehicle. Hence an upgrade to seat covers includes better looking, feeling and more comfortable seating. They are available in various colors, designs and materials.

ICE( In car entertainment):

The stock music system included in the car is very basic. Usually this is one of the areas where a lot of improvement can be done. Improved speakers, Screens and Amplifiers are just some of the basic upgrades to an ocean of possible upgrade to your in car entertainment.

3 Reasons to Get Projector Headlights

3 Reasons to Get Projector Headlights

Some of the most important upgrades that can be done to a car are Lights. There are a lot of attractive light accessories are available in the market, some improve the appeal of the car visually. Some are built to help improve the visibility and performance over stock lights. Projector lamps combine the best of both worlds.
Projector headlamps are headlights that use a spherical lens in front of High Intensity Discharge (HID) Xenon bulbs some projectors use LED bulbs as the current trend dictates.  The way the headlamp is built is completely different compared to traditional halogen headlamps.

Here are 3 reasons to get projector headlights:

More Intense Light

Projector headlamps produce lights that are a lot more intense than traditional halogen headlamps. Halogen headlamps usually produce long wavelengths of light and hence they tend to look yellowish and are sometimes unclear. Since Projector lamps make use of more modern Xenon and LED methods of producing light the intensity is very high, it is much clearer than halogen lamps and based on the quality of the bulbs used the lights vary from a white to light blue color. The cost of bulbs in Projectors might be higher but the running time of these bulbs is a lot more than halogen bulbs.

Reduced Glare

Projector headlamps use a lens to dissipate light coming from the bulbs this helps to maximize the power of the beam coming from the LED or Xenon lamp. The lens are built in such a way that the lights don’t cause a glare effect and disturb oncoming traffic even though the light intensity is higher than regular bulbs. Even when it comes to the angles in which the lights are dispersed in the lens of a projector headlamp help light to be evenly distributed in wide angles compared to using a halogen lamp with reflectors.

This is a lot more advanced compared to the traditional reflector used in halogen lamps. Also in the long run the maintenance of projector lamps are cheaper as they don’t need regular maintenance. In case of halogen lamps the reflectors need to be in good condition and they need to be cleaned regularly to maintain efficient light.

More Efficient

The lights used in the projector lamps are a lot more efficient than halogen lamps. They require lower power to run and they run at lower temperatures compared to halogen lamps. LED bulbs currently being used in Projectors cut down the energy being used for running headlight while being significantly better.